House Programme

JKFZ Cambridge International School follows the traditional House Programmes used in many world famous high schools and universities. Students who are admitted to be our students will be randomly allocated into one of the four Houses on the first day they come to the campus, which are Adams, Branford, Merton and Trinity. The names of the Four Houses are based on actual historical Houses from the four top universities in the world, which are Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge.

Houses provide opportunities for students to enhance friendship, to foster team spirit and to challenge themselves in a series of competitions, activities and associated programmes. Thus, cultivating students’ self-control and self-management ability as well as effective communication, which play a significant role in determining whether students excel with their peers in academic study and daily life when they go abroad.

All students of JKFZ CIS will live in the newly decorated residential hall called ‘Li Ju’. Boarding life, complete security and the ACS (access control system), considerate services from our dorm teachers, a series of competitions and activities among the four Houses, will facilitate student’ adaptation to life in Houses and provide them with opportunities to learn the correct manner of dealing with people in their future studies and lives. Consequently, when students graduate from JKFZ CIS, they will become confident young adults who are responsible, independent, willing to cooperate and apt at communication.