Extracurricular Activities

In JKFZ CIS, we place equal importance on students’ intellectual and personal development, encouraging them to learn from whatever they do. We encourage our students to challenge themselves and venture beyond their comfort zones. All students in our bilingual middle school and international high school are encouraged to take advantage of more than 20 ECAs available at JKFZ CIS, to learn and develop skills or devote time to an interest.

The sheer enthusiasm and hard work our students put into ECAs, including Sport, Drama, Music, Cooking, Reading, Art and other enrichment activities, lead to a culture of achievement,  innovation, enthusiasm and confidence, enabling them to excel not only in their academic fields of interest but also their future development.

ECAs and activities in sports include:

Fencing, Volleyball, Diabolo, Basketball, Football, Track and Field, Badminton, and Table Tennis.

ECAs and activities in Art include:

Traditional Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, Go, Gu Zhang, Gan Opera, Hip-hop, Fine Arts, Orchestra, Chorus.

Besides the ECAs and activities in sports and art, students can choose other comprehensive courses and activities as well, such as Cooking, Reading, Innovation, Hip-hop, Pottery and ICT.

In JKFZ CIS, students are provided with various activities to broaden their experience, such as summer school, academic competition, technological innovation, students’ associations, business competition, summer camp and volunteer activities.