Academic Integrity

Academic work afford us the opportunity to develop not only our knowledge and perseverance, but to embody our school’s core values in very practical ways. Fundamental to the academic work students do at JKFZ Cambridge International School is an expectation that students will make choices that reflect integrity and responsible behavior.

JKFZ CIS believes that upholding the highest standards of academic honesty and integrity is the work of the whole school. Whether students are preparing for a class presentation, project, lab report, paper or examinations, they should make sure that they avoid engaging in cheating and plagiarism.

Follow this advice


·Trust the value of your own intellect, create and express your own ideas in schoolwork

·Acknowledge the contributions, collaborations and ideas of others 


· Don’t paraphrase extensively without proper citation and attribution

· Don’t copy ideas, data or exact wording without proper citation 


· Demonstrate your own achievement 

· Complete schoolwork authentically on your own 


·Don’t copy answers from another student; don’t ask another student to do your schoolwork for you.

· Don’t attempt to gain unfair advantage by referring to notes, outlines, calculators, translators, etc. during quizzes or tests, unless explicitly allowed by your teacher.