Admissions Policy

JKFZ Cambridge International School offers placements to students whose educational objectives are in line with our vision and mission. A qualified student who we are looking for is one who is likely to find success in CIS’s bilingual, residential and university-preparatory programmes. Depending on the academic grade that the student applies for, JKFZ CIS makes its final decision through a variety of means, including a review of official school records, standardized assessments and other evaluative procedures including face to face interviews with senior staff. Those who distinguish themselves from others through speciality, personality, potential, academic records, and diverse interests are students that we expect to offer a placement.

Plans for Open Days 2020

· Please make an appointment with the JKFZ CIS office during 6.4-6.31 to attend one of our open days and admission presentations.

· We hold Open Days monthly starting from the beginning of the new semester.

For any admissions related inquiries, please contact by phone or email at or (+86) 791 8814 4533