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Overseas students often have to go to the classrooms early in order to sit in the “good seats.” In the International Department of Chinese Language and Literature class, we can often see students in a group sharing opinions quoting circumstantial evidence. They excitedly wrote the script and rehearsed the group’s textbook play.


Why do students like this class in the International Department? It is said that they can boldly express their views here, because there is no single answer, and the emphasis is on the formulation of the process of thinking. They can understand the text by arranging a play here, and everyone has the opportunity to perform on stage. Here the cooperative discussion is the norm in the classroom, and knowledge is not obtained by “informing”, but by the process.

So magical and appealing to this course in the International Department of Chinese Language and Literature is teacher Eileen. Ms. Jiang graduated from one of the top 100 Hong Kong elite schools with outstanding honours in the first place. She has taught in key secondary schools on the mainland and in international schools in Hong Kong. Attaching importance to “EQ education” and “thinking training”, combined with text learning, helping students to acquire independent thought.


A fantastic and professional teacher for the children, and who cares about their development, academically and as future leaders for China.