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What is a spelling bee? A bee is a bee, but a spelling bee is not meant to spell bees, but to spell words. Many people may have learned about the game before and are fascinated by it. Spelling Bee, an internationally renowned annual English competition was founded in 1925 and is the oldest, most involved student competition in the world. Since 2009, the United States E.W. Scripps Spelling Bee English spelling contest officially entered China, for the first time in the global finals in Washington.

Spelling Bee can help students expand their English vocabulary, improve their spelling ability, and more importantly, arouse their interest in learning, cultivate their learning habits, and lay a solid foundation for their English learning, which will benefit them for life. In order to let students feel the charm of English words, for them to study abroad.

In this competition, we carefully design, adapt, and add more interesting elements. The goal is the hope that students in the preparation of this intense and interesting game will review and process the vocabulary, no longer having any trouble with words.

The Spelling Bee is divided into 4 stages.  Quick response, Guess, Crossword Puzzle and Clue.


The first stage is to ask quick response questions. Each class needs three team members to participate.  When you hear the words spoken by the host, you should quickly spell out the words and the Chinese meaning on the board within the specified time. A seemingly simple game, players in this stage must control their nervousness to be able to answer correctly or miss out on the opportunity to answer in time.

When there are only two teams in the final, and the contestants are going head to head, the whole room is cheering them on.


The second stage is where you try to guess the word. This stage tests the player’s reaction ability and degree of tacit understanding.


The third stage is the crossword puzzle. This tests the player’s cool thinking and association ability.

In the face of not simple English prompts, each group of students performed calmly. Each class cheered for their own team when they gave the correct answers.

The first 3 stages, each class scored, which makes the last stage both more exciting and nervous for the contestants and crowd. You can see the students from Merton are starting to warm up.


In this stage, the inspiration comes from Chinese poetry, the screen will continue to give clues to the word, including the first letter, the length of the word, English interpetation, etc.

Clues became more and more difficult, the contestants are not afraid to answer, but were motivated by the challenge, answering faster and faster, their performance getting better. In the end, the congratulations goes to Adams, the first champion of our Spelling Bee.  Pictured here with the coveted panda bear.