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CIS TALK (speech) is one of the colorful extracurricular activities of the international students, the school regularly invites distinguished people from different fields to conduct keynote speeches and interactive question and answer to help students understand diverse careers and areas of expertise. Also, to be able to stay curious forever by communicating with these guests, broadening the breadth of their thinking and extending their cognitive depth, creativity, enthusiasm for learning and exploring uncharted areas.

Our first speaker, we are honored to have David Harris Lang, the current Wal-Mart Asian Real Estate Design and Engineering Vice President, and also a writer of three books

David talking to the teachers and students, patiently answering all the questions. In the process of visiting the teaching building, and constantly saying that he thought everyone would be very shy, was in fact really surpised by everyone’s reaction.

In his speech, David spoke about his childhood in Asia and the route of his return to the United States, sharing the impact of such a global growth background on his character and subsequent work choices during his formative years. What interested the students the most was David’s wonderful and challenging career transformation, from learning business and becoming a businessman, to discovering his love for architecture, obsessed with drawing designs, “nit-picking” (attention to detail) and designing and craving works, to eventually becoming a successful architect praised by the industry. To maintain this love for architecture and design, David moved to Hong Kong to feel the blending of the East and West cultures.

At the end of the CIS TALK, David concludes: In the process of chasing a dream, do not let others tell you what you should do and accept it, go find your love and passion and fight for the things in life you want, please seek the things that make you happy!”